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Undercounter Basins

4 Products

Lyon Undercounter Basin - 470mm
$‎104.00 $‎121.99
Lyon Undercounter Basin - 530mm
$‎104.00 $‎121.99
Essence Umbria White Under Counter Basin 525 x 340
$‎134.00 $‎167.99
Essence Marberg Square Undercounter Basin 420 x 420mm
$‎114.00 $‎143.00

Undercounter or Undermount basins have been designed to blend benchtop and basin, to give your vanity that seamless and continuous architectural finish. Undercounter basins are generally deeper and wider making them the popular choice for contemporary bathroom designs. They offer a clean and simplistic look and allow for plenty of usable countertop space. They are also easier to keep clean as there is no basin rim for dirt and grim to be trapped making them the ideal choice for families.