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Baskin Acrylic Inset Bath - 1675mm
Baskin Acrylic Inset Bath - 1525mm
Esti White Pressed Steel 1500mm Bath
$‎570.00 $‎599.50
Esti White Pressed Steel 1700mm Bath
$‎660.00 $‎695.20
Decina Cortez Inset Bath 1525mm
$‎565.00 $‎628.22
Decina Modena Inset Bath 1800mm
$‎1,079.00 $‎1,199.00
Decina Cortez Inset Bath 1675mm
$‎673.00 $‎747.57
Caroma Stirling Pressed Steel Inset Bath 1675mm
$‎1,123.00 $‎1,247.93
Decina Modena Inset Bath 1210mm
$‎790.00 $‎877.77
Decina Modena Inset Bath 1650mm
$‎854.00 $‎949.00
Decina Uno Oval Inset Bath 1700mm
$‎790.00 $‎877.77
Decina Turin Inset Bath 1790mm
$‎989.00 $‎1,099.00
Decina Modena Inset Bath 1510mm
$‎809.00 $‎899.00
Decina Turin Inset Bath 1520mm
$‎539.00 $‎599.01
Decina Turin Inset Bath 1665mm
$‎629.00 $‎699.00
Decina Uno Oval Inset Bath 1530mm
$‎673.00 $‎747.57

If your built-in or island bathtub is outdated, replacing it with a new inset bathtub is a simple and cost-effective solution to give your bathroom a fresh and revitalized appearance. If you’re installing a built-in or island bathtub from scratch, Swanbathrooms can help you, with a wide variety of inset bathtubs available in different shapes, sizes, and contours, you are sure to find the perfect look at an affordable price.