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Classic Sink Mixer
Huss Gooseneck Sink/Laundry Mixer
Hoki Sink & Laundry Mixer - Cast
Tradez Chrome Sink Mixer
$‎59.00 $‎65.00
Dane Gooseneck Sink / Laundry Mixer
Nero Mecca Gooseneck Kitchen Mixer Brushed Nickel
$‎275.00 $‎352.00
Hamel Matte Black Gooseneck Sink Mixer
$‎204.00 $‎268.00

When selecting tapware for the kitchen and laundry, there are so many options to choose from; including traditional or contemporary designs, mixer taps in various shapes, sizes and styles, and features such as pull-out nozzle, multi-functional spray functions, and different colours all make tapware not only functional but architectural statements. The pull-out mixer is a popular choice due to its detachable nozzle and the ability to direct water flow exactly where needed, making it convenient and versatile for tasks like filling pots, rinsing vegetables, and washing dishes. Old and outdated taps are easily updated with newly designed retrofit options available in on-trend colours such as matte black or brushed gold. Contact Swanbathrooms today to find the perfect kitchen or laundry tap to suit your home.