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Classic Shower/Bath Mixer
Dojo Wall Top Assemblies - Pair
Huss Bath Shower Mixer 75mm Backplate
Ikon Hali Shower Mixer - Chrome
Hamel Chrome Bath/Shower Mixer
$‎85.00 $‎112.00
Hamel Matte Black Bath/Shower Mixer
$‎117.00 $‎153.99
Kara Shower or Bath Mixer - Chrome
Ikon Hali Shower Mixer - Black
Dojo Shower Set
Elgin Bath or Shower Mixer - Chrome
Ikon Kara Shower or Bath Mixer - Black
Nero Mecca Shower Mixer Brushed Nickel
$‎189.00 $‎242.00
Nero Mecca Shower Mixer Matte Black
$‎146.00 $‎187.00
Regatta Wall Top Assemblies Chrome
$‎78.00 $‎81.69
Nero Dolce Shower Mixer Brushed Nickel
$‎172.00 $‎220.00
Nero Mecca Shower Mixer Brushed Gold
$‎240.00 $‎308.00

When choosing shower tapware, it’s important to keep in mind that every shower requires a shower mixer, diverter mixer or wall top assembly to operate your shower head. These components determine the flow and temperature of the water, so it is crucial to select the right option for your shower set-up.

Shower mixers control the temperature and flow pressure of your shower head by mixing hot and cold water through a cleverly designed cartridge hidden within the wall and body of the mixer.

A diverter shower mixer works in the same method as a shower mixer, however, has the benefit of operating 2 water source outlets from one mixer via a diverter valve button.

Wall top assemblies, or wall taps are a set of hot and cold spindles that are independently operated to mix your ideal water temperature.

Replacing your shower tapware can quickly transform the look of your bathroom and improve its overall functionality and appearance. When choosing your new shower tapware, consider factors such as matching existing tapware styles and the overall concept design of the space.