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NE Universal Pop Up Waste 40/32mm - Chrome
$‎31.00 $‎33.98
NE Universal Pop Up Waste 40/32mm - Matte Black
$‎41.00 $‎44.99
Nero Universal Pop up Waste 40/32mm Brushed Nickel
$‎43.00 $‎55.01
Franz Hyatt White Wall Basin 1TH
$‎109.00 $‎136.00
Nero Universal Pop Up Waste 40/32mm Gun Metal
$‎69.00 $‎88.00
Privia Countertop Basin
$‎136.00 $‎160.00
Orlay Countertop Basin - 390mm
$‎127.00 $‎149.99
Moritz Vessel Basin - 310mm
$‎106.00 $‎124.99
Lyon Undercounter Basin - 470mm
$‎104.01 $‎121.99
Fox Vessel Basin - 490mm
$‎143.00 $‎168.00
Lyon Undercounter Basin - 530mm
$‎104.01 $‎121.99
Orlay Countertop Basin - 495mm
$‎140.00 $‎165.00
Cannes Vanity Basin
$‎132.00 $‎154.99

Bathroom Basins

Basins are one of the most utilised items in a bathroom, ensuite or powder room. They are not only a design focal point but are required to be functional in both shape and size, therefore it’s extremely important to select a basin that best fits your personal style and needs. If you are looking for a sophisticated look, an above-counter basin will give you that luxurious feel, or if you prefer a simple easy to clean family-friendly option, an inset or under-mount basin would be ideal. Whatever your requirements, Swan bathrooms has a large range of basin options to suit every bathroom scenario.

Semi-Recessed Basins

Semi-Recessed basins are the perfect solution when you require a narrow vanity or have limited space in an Ensuite or powder room. When installed, the front of the basin overhangs the edge of the benchtop, whilst the back of the basin is semi-inset into the benchtop. This diverse and timeless design offers you the benefits of a larger bowl combined with slim space-saving cabinet storage underneath, making it the perfect solution for those smaller spaces.

Semi-Inset Basins

This unique modern design is a clever hybrid basin, combining the perfect balance between an above-counter and an under-mount basin. This semi-inset basin has a lower height profile providing more benchtop space whilst retaining the contemporary above-counter look. Available in round, square and oval shapes, this new-age style is fast becoming the designer’s choice for many renovations and new homes.

Inset Basins

Inset basins, also known as drop-in basins, are designed to fit into a pre-cut hole in the benchtop. With the majority of the basin hidden within the cabinet, this super slim profile provides a seamless flow from vanity top to basin making it ideal when looking for a clean minimal finish. With options of no taphole, one taphole or 3 tapholes, this timeless classic is the perfect retrofit choice.

Countertop Basins

The sophisticated choice - Countertop basins, Vessel basins and Above bench basins are essential all the same basin style, which is a basin mounted directly onto a level surface. They are the most versatile and stylish of all basin designs as they will complement so many architectural styles. Whatever your budget or interior trend, you truly are spoilt for choice, there are so many shapes and sizes available to find that beautiful basin to complete your bathroom, ensuite or powder room.

Undercounter Basins

Undercounter or Undermount basins have been designed to blend benchtop and basin, to give your vanity that seamless and continuous architectural finish. Undercounter basins are generally deeper and wider making them the popular choice for contemporary bathroom designs. They offer a clean and simplistic look and allow for plenty of usable countertop space. They are also easier to keep clean as there is no basin rim for dirt and grim to be trapped making them the ideal choice for families.

Wall Basins

wall-hung basin is mounted flush to the wall and does not have a pedestal or cabinet for support. As it is hung from concealed brackets attached to the wall, it creates a floating effect giving the illusion of more floor space. These basins are a popular choice for a modern and minimalistic bathroom.

Pedestal Basins

pedestal basin essentially has 2 components. The basin (part 1) is supported by a freestanding pedestal (part 2) which serves as both the base and support for the basin. This design provides a traditional and classic look, as well as ensuring that the plumbing is hidden from view. Pedestal basins are the perfect choice for traditional or Victorian-style bathrooms and powder rooms.

Vanity Tops

vanity top is a type of benchtop that is used to complete a vanity bathroom cabinet. They are made from an assortment of different materials such as ceramic, poly marble, stone, and timber. The basins can be either integrated into the vanity top for an easy clean option or can be installed separately to create a designer finish. A vanity top not only serves as a practical surface but also contributes to the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

Wastes & Traps

Shop our large range of basin wastes and bottle traps. Available in all the latest trend colours such as Brushed Gold, Brushed Nickel and Matte Black to really complete your beautiful bathroom.