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Freestanding Baths

12 Products

Versa 1500 Left Hand Corner BTW Freestanding Bath
$‎887.00 $‎1,080.00
Versa 1500 Right Hand Corner BTW Freestanding Bath
$‎887.00 $‎1,080.00
Alpha 1500 Back to Wall Freestanding Bath 1500 x 780 x 595
$‎956.00 $‎1,023.94
Alpha 1700 Back to Wall Bath 1700 x 800 x 595
$‎1,000.00 $‎1,072.05
Atlantis Freestanding Bath 1500mm
$‎1,012.00 $‎1,174.98
Atlantis Freestanding Bath 1700mm
$‎1,096.00 $‎1,278.94
Decina Regent Freestanding Bath 1700mm
$‎2,375.00 $‎2,639.00

A freestanding bath is a luxurious standalone bathtub that stands independently, allowing it to be admired from all angles, serving as a striking architectural feature in the bathroom. They add a bespoke, opulent feel to your space, and can be positioned anywhere in the room. Freestanding baths come in various designs, from oval to soft square, high backs to upswept edges, making them perfect for any style. They are available in materials such as acrylic, stone, or solid surface to further enhance their luxurious feel. Freestanding baths are best suited to larger bathrooms as they require 100mm clearance from the wall for easier cleaning.