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Classic Shower/Bath Mixer
Dojo Wall Top Assemblies - Pair
$‎50.00 $‎50.01
Huss Bath Shower Mixer 75mm Backplate
Ikon Hali Shower Mixer - Chrome
Hamel Chrome Bath/Shower Mixer
$‎85.00 $‎112.00
Hamel Matte Black Bath/Shower Mixer
$‎117.00 $‎153.99
Intra Wall Top Assemblies Pair - Matte Black
$‎85.00 $‎85.02
Hamel Chrome Bath Swivel Spout
$‎74.00 $‎92.00
Kara Shower or Bath Mixer - Chrome
Ikon Hali Shower Mixer - Black
$‎122.00 $‎122.01
Hamel Matte Black Wall Mixer & Spout & Plate Mixer
$‎269.00 $‎354.00
Hamel Matte Black Bath Swivel Spout
$‎84.00 $‎107.01
Elgin Bath or Shower Mixer - Chrome
Ikon Kara Shower or Bath Mixer - Black
Dojo Bath Set
$‎63.00 $‎63.01
Nero Mecca Shower Mixer Brushed Nickel
$‎189.00 $‎242.00
Nero Mecca Shower Mixer Matte Black
$‎146.00 $‎187.00
Regatta Wall Top Assemblies Chrome
$‎78.00 $‎81.69

When choosing bath tapware, it is important to contemplate both design and function. Consider the compatibility of the tapware with other fixtures in your bathroom, such as the height and length of the bath spout relative to your bath. If you want a traditional look, then opt for a 3-piece set, whilst a wall mixer set will give you a minimalistic or contemporary finish. The key to choosing the best option for your home is to carefully consider each fixture so you create a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing bathroom.