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DWV Pipe 100mm x 6M SN6 SWJ
Pex Pull On Compression Sleeve 16mm
DWV Bend F&F Plain 100mm x 45Deg
DWV Junction F&F Plain 100mm x 45Deg
$‎9.71 $‎10.09
DWV Bend M&F Plain 100mm x 45Deg
Stand Off Bracket
DWV Bend F&F Plain 40mm x 85Deg
DWV Bend F&F Plain 50mm x 85Deg
Compression Cone Nylon Olive 15mm
PVC Stormwater Pipe 90mm x 6M


Swan Plumbing Supplies offers a wide range of plumbing supplies and accessories for tradespeople and homeowners. From high-quality materials and essential tools to connectors, hoses, fixture accessories, valves, and pump systems, we have you covered.

Whether you're a professional plumber or a DIY enthusiast, our diverse offerings ensure you have access to premium products for all your plumbing projects.

Plumbing Supplies and Accessories

Plumbing Supplies and Accessories are the backbone of any plumbing project. We understand the importance of high-quality materials and accessories to ensure the success and durability of your plumbing tasks.

Our selection includes Brass Fittings and Copper & Fittings, providing you with the components needed for secure and efficient plumbing connections. Then there’s our Industrial Steel Fittings that cater to heavy-duty plumbing needs and our PVC DWV, PVC Pressure, and PVC Stormwater products for drainage and wastewater management. Pipe Flashings offer weatherproofing solutions, Poly Pipe provides versatility in water distribution, and our Water Filters enhance the quality of your water supply.

Whether you're a professional plumber or a DIY enthusiast, our Plumbing Materials and Accessories category has everything you need to complete your plumbing projects confidently and efficiently. Browse our extensive selection to find the right products for your specific needs.

Plumbing Tools and Consumables

Plumbing Tools and Consumables are your go-to resource for all the tools and supplies necessary to tackle plumbing projects efficiently and effectively. At Swan Plumbing Supplies, we recognise that the right tools are essential for successful plumbing work, whether you're a professional plumber or a DIY enthusiast.

Within this category, you'll find a diverse range of items to support your plumbing jobs, from Drill Bits to Pipe Insulation to Clips that secure pipes and other components in place to the materials needed for maintenance and repairs, including Wrenches, Pipe Cutters and other quality tools that are built to last.

No matter the scale of your plumbing project, our Plumbing Tools and Consumables have you covered with a wide array of essential items to make the job easier. Explore our selection to find the right tools and supplies for your specific needs.

Connectors and Hoses

Connectors and Hoses are vital resources for all plumbing jobs. You’ll find a vast range of Flexible Hoses in our stores that connect the water supply to different plumbing fixtures. Then there are Flexible Rubber Connectors, crucial for sealing and connecting pipes, ensuring leak-free connections.

Whether you're working on a residential project or a commercial plumbing task, Swan Connectors and Hoses provide high-quality solutions for everyday jobs. Explore our selection to find the perfect connectors and hoses to meet your plumbing needs and ensure all your connections are leak-free.

Fixture Accessories and Maintenance

Fixture Accessories and Maintenance encompasses a wide array of products designed to enhance the functionality and longevity of your plumbing installations. Swan offers a comprehensive selection of accessories and maintenance items to ensure your plumbing fixtures remain in top condition.

For example, Cover Plates are essential for concealing plumbing connections and providing a finished look to your installations. They not only enhance the aesthetics of the task but also contribute to a clean and professional appearance.

Traps & Extensions are crucial for maintaining proper drainage in sinks and basins, as they prevent sewer gas from entering your living space while allowing wastewater to flow smoothly. Then there are Wastes & Grates, which are vital for the safe removal and drainage of waste. These products come in various designs and materials to suit different plumbing fixtures and bathroom aesthetics.

Whether you're looking to add finishing touches to your plumbing fixtures or need essential components for drainage and maintenance, Swan’s Fixture Accessories and Maintenance offers a comprehensive range of products to meet your needs. Explore our selection to enhance the functionality and appearance of your plumbing fixtures.

Valves and Pump Systems

Valves and Pump Systems are vital for controlling water flow and ensuring optimal performance in plumbing systems. Swan offers a wide selection of valves and pump systems to meet all your plumbing requirements.

For example, Pex Systems are versatile, flexible piping solutions that offer reliability and durability, ensuring consistent water distribution. Then, there are Pumps that are used to boost water pressure or remove wastewater. Our Gas & Water Valves are essential for regulating the flow of gas and water in plumbing systems, offering precise control and safety, and making them indispensable components for residential and commercial applications.