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Classic Sink Mixer
Huss Gooseneck Sink/Laundry Mixer
Alfa Stainless Steel Metal Plug To Suit Basket Waste
$‎12.00 $‎12.10
Hando 45 Litre Trough & Metal Cabinet
Perth Single Round Bowl Sink
$‎73.00 $‎89.00
Luna 45 Litre Inset Laundry Trough
Hoki Sink & Laundry Mixer - Cast
Tradez Chrome Sink Mixer
$‎59.00 $‎65.00
Helsinki 1 & 3/4 Twin Bowl Sink
$‎335.01 $‎418.98
Essence Fresh 35 Litre Inset Utility Sink/Trough
$‎231.00 $‎289.01
Dane Gooseneck Sink / Laundry Mixer
Hamel Chrome Gooseneck Sink Mixer
$‎159.01 $‎209.01

Swanbathrooms offers a comprehensive range of sinks to fit every type of Kitchen and Laundry. From undermount sinks to inset sinks, butlers sinks to laundry troughs, we have a wide variety of options in different shapes, sizes, and varying materials such as stainless steel, granite and ceramic. Our sinks are designed to meet different needs and preferences, making it easy to find the perfect sink for your home. Whether you want a sleek and modern finish or a traditional touch, we have something for everyone. With a focus on quality and durability, our sinks are built to last and will provide you with years of reliable use. Browse our collection today and find the perfect sink for your home.

Kitchen Sinks

It is essential to be aware of all the options when selecting your kitchen sink to ensure you make the best decision for your home. An undermount sink is attached underneath the benchtop, creating a seamless sophisticated look. Whereas an inset or drop in sink has an edged rim that frames the sink, and is installed on top of the bench. Both above styles are available in various materials such as stainless steel for a durable easy clean option, Composite granite for a modern contemporary finish and ceramic fire clay for a more traditional elegant design.


When designing your laundry room, we aim to make the most of your space whilst keeping it stylish, on trend, and functional. Swanbathrooms provides a wide variety of laundry sinks and troughs with cabinets, in different depths, sizes and materials. This ensures you have a sink suitable for your needs, whether it be soaking, rinsing, or cleaning. By choosing a combination of a laundry trough with cabinet, you can maximize storage and hide the plumbing, or perhaps opt for a sink that can be installed with your benchtop, harmonizing with your cabinetry for a sleek and contemporary look. Our collections include materials such as composite granite and high-performing stainless steel, both of which are low maintenance and easy to clean.

Kitchen & Laundry Tapware

When selecting tapware for the kitchen and laundry, there are so many options to choose from; including traditional or contemporary designs, mixer taps in various shapes, sizes and styles, and features such as pull-out nozzle, multi-functional spray functions, and different colours all make tapware not only functional, but architectural statements. The pull-out mixer is a popular choice due to its detachable nozzle and the ability to direct water flow exactly where needed, making it convenient and versatile for tasks like filling pots, rinsing vegetables, and washing dishes. Old and outdated taps are easily updated with newly designed retro fit options available in on trend colours such as matte black or brushed gold. Contact Swanbathrooms today to find the perfect kitchen or laundry tap to suit your home.  

Commercial range

The Cleaner’s sink is a versatile sink designed for use in various settings such as factories, hospitals, shopping centres and more. It features a robust stainless steel bucket grate, making it suitable for heavy duty cleaning tasks.