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Classic Sink Mixer
Classic Basin Mixer - Cast Spout
Classic Shower/Bath Mixer
Dojo Wall Top Assemblies - Pair
Huss Basin Mixer - Fixed Spout
Huss Bath Shower Mixer 75mm Backplate
Huss Gooseneck Sink/Laundry Mixer
Classic Basin Mixer - Swivel Spout
Dojo Basin Set
Ikon Hali Shower Mixer - Chrome
$‎81.00 $‎95.00
Hamel Chrome Bath/Shower Mixer
$‎85.00 $‎112.00
Hamel Matte Black Bath/Shower Mixer
$‎117.00 $‎153.99
Hamel Chrome Basin Mixer
$‎122.00 $‎161.01
Ikon Hali Basin Mixer - Chrome High Rise
$‎149.00 $‎175.00
Hamel Chrome Bath Swivel Spout
$‎74.00 $‎92.00
Hamel Matte Black Basin Mixer
$‎137.00 $‎181.01

Quality Tapware

Tapware is one of the most important and essential fixtures and fittings of every household. From your bathroom to kitchen to laundry, tapware gives us the convenience of hot and cold water at our fingertips, and now with industry advancements in technology, functionality, and design, is also adding that architectural wow factor to our spaces. Put simply, our tapware choices are statement pieces whether it be selecting a beautiful colour such as Brushed Gold, Brushed Nickel or Gunmetal or an elegant gooseneck pull-out sink mixer, your tapware will bring a level of sophistication to your home. Swanbathrooms offer a diverse and extensive range of high-quality tapware all with substantial warranties and WELS Australian standards star ratings.

Kitchen Tapware / Laundry Tapware

When selecting tapware for the kitchen and laundry, there are so many options to choose from; including traditional or contemporary designs, mixer taps in various shapes, sizes and styles, and features such as pull-out nozzle, multi-functional spray functions, and different colours all make tapware not only functional but architectural statements. The pull-out mixer is a popular choice due to its detachable nozzle and the ability to direct water flow exactly where needed, making it convenient and versatile for tasks like filling pots, rinsing vegetables, and washing dishes. Old and outdated taps are easily updated with newly designed retrofit options available in on-trend colours such as matte black or brushed gold. Contact Swanbathrooms today to find the perfect kitchen or laundry tap to suit your home.   

Bath Spouts

Swanbathrooms offers bath spouts in different styles, including the stylish curved or straight bath spout for a modern statement, or for a practical option, the Swivel bath outlet can be pushed away, against the wall to prevent children from bumping themselves. All these options combine a gorgeous design element with functionality to enhance your bathtub experience.  

Basin Tapware

When choosing basin tapware, it is important to consider your basin style. Wall-mounted tapware or Vessel Basin mixers are a popular choice for above-counter or semi-inset basins, whereas bench-mounted tapware is ideal for semi-recessed, under-counter or moulded vanity tops. Whilst appearance is important, functionality is just as crucial, therefore consider a tap with a lever handle or softer edges and easy-reach spouts that are suitable for the whole family, or for a more classic or retro look consider separate components with knobs, levers or traditional handles. With such a wide variety to select from at Swanbathrooms, you can choose the perfect tapware to add style and personality to your bathroom, ensuite or powder room. 

Shower Tapware

When choosing shower tapware, it’s important to keep in mind that every shower requires a shower mixer, diverter mixer or wall top assembly to operate your shower head. These components determine the flow and temperature of the water, so it is crucial to select the right option for your shower set-up. 

Shower mixers control the temperature and flow pressure of your shower head by mixing hot and cold water through a cleverly designed cartridge hidden within the wall and body of the mixer.  

A diverter shower mixer works in the same method as a shower mixer, however, has the benefit of operating 2 water source outlets from one mixer via a diverter valve button.

Wall top assemblies or wall taps are a set of hot and cold spindles that are independently operated to mix your ideal water temperature. 

Replacing your shower tapware can quickly transform the look of your bathroom and improve its overall functionality and appearance. When choosing your new shower tapware, consider factors such as matching existing tapware styles and the overall concept design of the space. 

Bath Tapware

When choosing bath tapware, it is important to contemplate both design and function. Consider the compatibility of the tapware with other fixtures in your bathroom, such as the height and length of the bath spout relative to your bath. If you want a traditional look, then opt for a 3-piece set, whilst a wall mixer set will give you a minimalistic or contemporary finish. The key to choosing the best option for your home is to carefully consider each fixture so you create a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing bathroom.

Traps & Wastes

Shop our large range of plugs & wastes and bottle traps. Available in all the latest trend colours such as Brushed Gold, Brushed Nickel and Matte Black to really complete your beautiful bathroom.