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Thebe Soft Oak Vanity Unit - 900mm-Right Hand Drawers
$‎422.00 $‎527.36
Thebe Soft Oak Vanity Unit 1200mm
$‎585.00 $‎731.74
Trojan Soft Oak Wall Hung Ensuite Vanity - 400mm
$‎181.01 $‎226.51
Trojan Soft Oak Ensuite Vanity Unit - 400mm
$‎205.00 $‎256.64
Trojan 400 Wall Hung Ensuite Vanity
Trojan Ensuite Vanity Unit - 400mm
Thebe Gloss White Vanity Unit - 1200mm
Thebe Soft Oak Vanity Unit 750mm Right Hand Drawer
$‎374.00 $‎467.58
Thebe Soft Oak Vanity Unit 600mm
$‎286.00 $‎357.26

Vanities & Mirrors

Swanbathrooms can provide you with valuable guidance when choosing the right vanities and mirrors for your home. As important pieces of bathroom furniture, they not only provide practical storage solutions, but will add a touch of elegance and sophistication. With a wide variety of sizes, finishes and styles available, you have an abundance of options to select from to suit your space. It is essential to obtain the correct advice when selecting your vanities and mirrors, so visit us at one of our Swanbathrooms stores to consult with our experts.


Your vanity unit is a key element in the overall design and functionality of your bathroom. When selecting your vanity, consider your bathroom’s role – a simple compact option works well for a small ensuite or powder room, whereas a larger vanity with ample storage space is ideal for a family bathroom. You can select from single or double bowl vanities, available in wall hung for a sophisticated floating look or a floor standing style to add extra storage spaces and hide ugly plumbing. Complement your vanity with additional bathroom furniture items such as shaving cabinets, storage tallboys, LED mirrors or floating shelves to create a cohesive look. With leading brands such as Timberline, Aulic, ADP and Cob & Pen, Swanbathrooms offers a range of vanity options and configurations that suits different spaces from standard off the shelf vanity styles to custom built options.

Shaving Cabinets

Our mirror shaving cabinets do more than simply provide extra storage – they can make a bold statement in your bathroom. Crafted to the highest standards, our cabinets come in a range of styles, including open shelf varieties, LED lighting options and cabinet-mirrors in various shapes such as round, arched, pilled or classic rectangle. There are a multitude of cabinet finishes and colours to match any décor style. We also offer custom sizes to fit your specific needs. With so many choices available, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your bathroom.


Our attractive selection of stylish mirrors are essential to the functionality of any bathroom, and will add depth and dimension to your space. Our beautiful mirrors are crafted by innovative designers and come ready for installation, making it easy to revitalize your current bathroom with new fixtures and fittings.

If you are aiming for an ultra-modern bathroom, choose from our collection of LED mirrors featuring a range of on trend-coloured frames and features such as Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to enjoy modern finishes with cutting edge technology at your fingertips. For a more timeless appearance, consider a mirror with polished edges in a beautiful round, arch or pill shape. Add a touch of ambience with LED lighting. Regardless of your preferred style, Swanbathrooms has your mirror choices covered.


If you have cracked your vanity top, don’t worry! Swanbathrooms offers a variety of replacement tops to select from. You may also want to consider updating your vanity top with a fresh, modern colour to revitalize your space. Our spares selection includes custom sizes to fit even the most challenging spaces, ensuring that you find the perfect fit.